Monday, December 08, 2008


You're finally talking. You can say many things as clear as a bell- "See it?!?" "Eat!" "Nope." "Walk Sip." "Choo Train." Other things you say clearly in your own way. "Mek Lee.", which, for those in the know, means "Pink Blanket", or "Duke" which means "Cold". Most of the time, however, you spend giving us a running commentary in jargonese. You have too much to say and not enough words to say it in. Hang in there. You'll figure this out eventually, and we'll be here with you the whole time, ok?

You have amazed us all by beginning to identify letters. You've been singing the alphabet song (with about a quarter of the letters) for a while now, but you'll surprise us by spontaneously picking out the letters "B" and "O" off of the TV. You can also count, after a fashion. One two and three are easy enough, but after that you usually rely on us for some reminders.

You are a very busy girl. It's so hard to take pictures of you because you're always in motion.

About half of your time is spent moving things from one place to another. You walk around the house looking for things to get into. Then you get into them. Then you pick them up and take them to the other side of the house. Then you put them down, preferably into a spot where they will be stepped on or made available to the baby for further mayhem.

Another quarter of your day is spent pretending/playing/bossing the baby around. The only thing better than playing in the kitchen is taking a pan away from your sister who is playing in the kitchen, then telling her what you're going to do with it.

The rest of your day is spent trying to become one with your blanket. You might cuddle up with it on the couch, thoughtfully sucking on the hem, or you might beg your Poppy to wrap you up in it cocoon style, or you might just walk around with a pile of all the blankets/stuffed animals you can find, even if the pile is so big you can hardly walk. Ok, maybe a quarter of your day is an exaggeration, but it is definitely an important facet of your life.

The one thing you don't spend much time doing is eating. You'll taste almost anything, and you'll snack on a few bites, but you seem to think eating is just too boring to bother with.

I love you dearly,
Please eat,