Sunday, November 26, 2006


Oh daughter that I love, it's a good thing that you are so, so cute, because you have been a very needy thing this week. You couldn't help it though, and we really don't blame you. You were miserable sick with a cold. Your nose ran. You wouldn't eat. You had a fever. You didn't feel good and you were cutting a tooth on top of all of this.

Every four hours or so I would have to give you medicine, but you hate how it tastes, and you would gag (if I was lucky) or barf (if I wasn't). I learned to try and slip it into your bottle, but that meant you had to drink all of the bottle I put it in, and you were really uninterested in eating.

Your cold was not put on hold at night, which meant that you still needed loving and holding and rocking almost every hour. Someday you will have children, and they will get sick, and you will find yourself at your wits end. Remember this: It won't last forever. Your kiddo will get better, just like you did. You can make it through any hardship if you know there's an end in sight.

Love you all to pieces,

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sweet Pea

Can you tell how cute I think your Halloween outfit was?

The cutest ever.

I don't have any pics of your Brother in a sweet pea suit, even though I was dying to put him in one when he was little. At the time they were more expensive and I had less money. The suit put me in a mood to compare how things were for you and your brother. You play with some of his old baby toys, much like he played with his aunt and uncle's old toys. You get your belly kissed by your Daddy, while his Daddy had only seen him twice by the time he was one. Of course, he had me all to himself for sixish years, which is something you'll never have. He was the healthiest, happiest baby ever, while you find a new way to worry us almost every month. And last but not least, both he and you had 11-ish year old boys loving you all to pieces.

Your brother loves you so much. Sometimes he cries because he worries that he won't be a good brother to you someday. I don't even know what he could mean. He tickles you and feeds you even when it bores him to tears. One time he accidentally bumped your head, and he cried harder than you did. I suppose one day you guys will have your moments, but you'll have to take my word for it that he babied you hard when you were tiny.

Love you,