Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Super Cute

Oh boy, have you been laying on the cute lately. You love to play coy, tucking in your chin and peering up at us while you bat your lashes. You laugh yourself silly when you can get someone to play the yes/no game with you- we nod "yes" while you shake your head "no". The stinky foot game will still do in a pinch- you hold up your foot, we sniff and say "Pew! Stinky feet". You also enjoy patting things. If you pat a table and I pat it too it can send you into hysterics.

You still won't talk to us. Your Poppy is quite ready for you to get on with it. You do say "Woof" occasionally. We suspect you may also be saying "Dog", but it's hard to tell. Whenever I take food out of the microwave you blow, but you won't say "hot". If you want what I'm eating you'll sidle up to me and grunt "Uh uh uh" in the sweetest grunt possible, but you won't say any words. You stretch out your arms but you won't say "up". You've quit saying "mmmahmmmmah" or "mmmmmmm".

You do sing. All day. No words, just precious tuneless songs. You love to dance too- you wave your arms and bounce whenever you hear music.

You're becoming quite the brave girl. You clearly enjoy climbing up on things- the coffee table, the couch, a trunk, the stairs- and it's only fun if you stand up when you manage to get yourself up on top. You've also decided the vacuum isn't the boss of you. When you were younger you'd cry at the mere sight of the thing, but now you like to go up and "GAH" it.

Oh, the "GAH"ing. When I fish something out of your mouth, you shout "GAH" and either shove or bite me. It's your favorite thing to do when you're feeling petulant. Sometimes you hunt me down to GAH me. I see the glint in your eye and I take your little hand and say "Gentle" and rub your hand on my cheek. Sometimes this works. Sometimes you glare at me. Other times you are just in a foul mood and there's no helping it. I warn you not to GAH me. You GAH me anyway. This is when I put you down and you cry. Then you GAH me from the floor.

Love you anyway, love you always,