Friday, September 05, 2008


I wish talking weren't quite so hard for you. I can tell you're beginning to wish the same thing. You've figured out what this talking thing is for, but getting the words out of your mouth is just too hard sometimes. You'll try to say one syllable words if they are made of the sounds you are comfortable with, but you won't do two syllable ones or tricky words. You giggle instead in an effort to escape the moment.

The "P" sound is one of the tricky ones. Of course, when you were a little tiny baby we decided that your father was a Poppy, and the name stuck for the rest of us. You can't or won't call him that or anything close to that, not that you've chosen to call him Dada or Dad or anything like that either. You've chosen to call him Mom. You say Mom perfectly and use it to mean me or him.

Can I just tell you how much I love it? I don't know if it melts your Poppy's heart like it does mine, but I just love to hear you call him Mom.

Wondering if you'll still be calling him that in a few years,
Your other Mom